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Celebrating Labor Day, paying tribute to industrial workers

Issuing time:2018-06-19 00:00

On April 19th, the "Chinese Dream and Labor Beauty" sponsored by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the Central Radio and Television General Station celebrated the "May 1st" International Labor Day "Heart-to-Heart" Special Program at the First Gate Square of China FAW The completion of the recording means that China FAW broke the tradition of the program and became the first major venue outside Beijing since the program was opened. The leaders of the Central Propaganda Department, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government, and the group of companies and 2,350 employees form a group of audiences to witness this event.

China FAW One Gate Square celebrates the "May 1st" International Labor Day "Heart-to-Heart" special program to China FAW Record, after the April 17th Jilin Province supports China's FAW reform and development and the Red Flag brand building promotion meeting, once again Encourage morale and exciting events. CCTV "Heart-to-Heart" special program, the "May 1" special program co-sponsored by the Central Propaganda Department, the National Federation of Trade Unions and the Central Radio and Television General Station, selected China FAW as the first main venue outside Beijing, is special for China FAW The historical status and full affirmation of the achievements of the 40 years of reform and opening up are another encouragement and spur to the new journey of China FAW to "revitalize the FAW and revitalize the red flag." At a new starting point, China FAW will continue to contribute to the reform cause.

In 2018, CCTV's "Heart-to-Heart" special program, with the theme of "Chinese Dream and Labor Beauty", fully demonstrated the hard work of the party and the country under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The great achievements of entrepreneurship fully demonstrate the determination and belief of the working class in our country, especially the vast number of industrial workers, to "shoulder their sleeves and work hard" and "to support the Chinese dream with labor."

The special program officially kicked off from the song "Best Times". The classic repertoires such as "Take dry", "Love of the Republic" and "Red Flag Fluttering" sang the majority of laborers, "To Red Flag" and "To the Motherland" It describes the model of the model worker who has shaped the four generations of labor models including FAW. In the workshop of the liberation truck factory, the literary squad sent the "50-year-old driver" and other programs to the production line. Recording the outfield at the Changchun Convention and Exhibition Center, the red flag charm of the car featuring the red flag brand sedan will show the red flag charm and highlight the national car style. During the recording of this program, more than 300 FAW employees participated in the performance, which fully demonstrated the good spirit of the new era and the new FAW.